How to Write Eye Catching Content

We all want to grab the reader’s attention and here are our top tips for doing just that:


Use active verbs: From your headlines to your content, using strong active verbs to replace weak ones can transform your prose in an instant. Don’t ‘increase your chance’ but ‘boost your chance’.

The title is everything: Well almost everything. If you want to grab your consumer’s attention away from that morning latte, then you need a forceful title that compels them to read on.

Wow them with that first line: Back up your killer headline with an even more compelling first line that tells them they really need to know what you are about to reveal.

Always slip in subheadings: They break up the text and make it easier to read. If it is easy to read then it is more likely to be read.

It’s worth consider these tips when you come to designing your corporate ecards with ecard shack later in the year because conveying your message clearly is very important.

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