Christmas Globe

This modern corporate image has an almost electrical feel of energy and light.  You could really inspire your customers this year with this effective design.  A lot of our IT customers tend to favour this design as they like the message it gives from their company viewpoint.   The globe could indicate that your business trades Worldwide or that the World is their Oyster!   Whatever stance you may have, this image could translate to your customers however you like.   By adding your own message, you could bring this message home to your clients.  Fluffy white falling snow softens the image enough to create the feel of Christmas as well as providing a professional corporate feel.  The animation of the blue electric lights glowing and going in and out of focus adds character and depth.   At Ecard Shack, you are able to design your holiday ecards for business and add additional pages to create additional messages to your customer.  There are a variety of different background designs to choose from, one in particular called ‘electric globes’ which would complement this design beautifully or alternatively you may decide to go for a different background for variety.  By sending your electronic Christmas cards for business with Ecard Shack, you have a great opportunity to market your business effectively and provide your customers with a warm Christmas holiday message of thanks.