Frozen Christmas Window

This picture book fairy tale style image, looks like this window belongs to a stunning fairy castle on a mountain or a large mansion in a remote location somewhere magical.  The window is beautiful and decorated with tiny frosted icicles that look almost like tiny flowers scattered across the glass.  The black leading on the window gives the picture a really old feel as it has the diamond shape of old style leading so tends to belong to a vintage property of some kind.  The window frame is old wood and has a slight frosted look like the winter has got the better of it.  These e Christmas cards for business could be really magical with your own special message and festive music from our large range of music tracks to choose from.  Alternative you may prefer no music and keep it simple.  We have pre-worded messages for you to choose from if you need some ideas for your festive message.  The electronic Christmas cards for business have the option to send up to 4 pages and the last page of the card always looks great with contact details for your customer and perhaps some signatures uploaded that can be scattered around the page, so it looks really personal and creative.

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