Holiday Tree Decorations

This chic image is centre piecing a lovely rich pine Christmas tree, holding expensive looking mirror effect, shiny red baubles.  The fairy lights on the tree are a very special touch to the e cards, as the animation is truly lovely of these lights whilst the ecards play.  The lights glow with warmth and go into focus and out, that glisten and gleam invitingly.  It’s almost as though you are next to the Christmas tree at a party watching the lights glow, with your thoughts of a special Christmas ahead!   This image is complimented well with the ‘seasonal dreams’ background, as shown on the demonstration example on our website of this design.  Please feel free to take a look and design the same ecards personalising this with your own message and company logo.  This will allow you to get a real sense of how the e cards would look if you were sending this to a client.  Register an account free of charge today and you can design as many of our business holiday ecards as you like.  When you register an account, you can save your designs and come back to them whenever you wish.  Therefore it’s a great opportunity to show your various electronic holiday cards for business designs to staff and colleagues if you needed to get their input.