Meeting Fun Red

It is a running joke in businesses that there are meetings to discuss meetings and then there are meeting about those ones. In other words, those of us on the office floor could be forgiven for thinking that's all our bosses do. When teachers had confabs at school we would make the most of those few minutes alone to pass notes around telling each other jokes and the like, the adult work based version of that is these brilliant corporate ecards. Buy a monthly subscription and you can send as many as you like of these electronically around the office. You can add all your own message to them and hey they can be as outrageous as you like as you have no idea what is being said in that meeting so why not make it up? They probably do when they come back and give you the diluted details. No meeting time was ever so much before now your imagination has full reign. Crack jokes, guess as what is really in that jug on the table, who is sitting a bit too close to who. Once you get started you won't want to stop but don't worry you know there will be another meeting soon. At Christmas time we would love to hear from you or an appropriate member of your team to try our Christmas ecards for business.