Meeting Fun Yellow

If you workplace hasn't get caught on to the secret fun that can be had from sending ecards then you really don't know what you are missing out on. You buy a monthly subscription which gives you access to all our awesome ecards which cover every single occasion or event and are the adult, digital version of those notes that used to be passed around the class when the teacher was writing on the board. Okay, yes, we are all at work to make a living and should take our jobs seriously but honestly, being able to have a bit of sneaky fun never hurt anyone and as long as you aren't neglecting your work to feed your corporate ecards addiction it’s all good. These particular ecards are great fun to send to your workmates to let them know what you think is going on in those endless carousel of meetings your boss keeps disappearing to. Emails will be flying backwards between you and your colleagues anyway, that's how modern business works, so why not brighten up their day by sending them this ecard next time there is a meeting going on and encourage them to do the same? Do you send Christmas greeting cards to clients? If so then you might wish to send possibly the best Christmas ecards for business in the world.