Own Job Vacancy

It is never nice to find out one of your colleagues has lost their job, but come on be honest, there are some in your workplace who are well past their sell by date. Now that wasn't an ageist comment in any way shape or form but in a business it is all about team work and if somebody is no longer pulling their weight for whatever reason it reflects badly on all of you as it is the team that is failing not that individual who is letting the side down. In situations like this is seems very petty to go to the boss and tell tales so what do you do? You send the slacker these Own Job Vacancy corporate ecards that's what. Our couple are back at the water cooler and the woman is telling the man “I'm sorry that vacancy you just applied for was your own position”. By letting the weakest link that you are on to them and know they have turned looking busy into an art form may be just the kick up the butt they need to get their act together. Get more of your colleagues to also send them this card and they will be under no illusion of exactly where they stand in the office popularity stakes. Does your business waste tonnes of paper each year sending Christmas greetings, well have a look at our market leading e Christmas cards for business save trees in the process.

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