Water Cooler Fun Blue

Although businesses have changed dramatically in recent years there is one staple of the office that remains intact. Comedians have long incorporated the water cooler into their repartee as it is something that everyone can associate with. In the past you used to catch someone's eyes, twitch you head slightly and then you would meet at the water cooler to share a funny while filling your plastic cups. This still exists to a certain extent, well the water cooler does, but you try catching someone's eye who is outside your cubicle! With these awesome Water Cooler Fun business ecards you don't have to; you can share that moment by sending them this card with your own caption added. Sometimes you just have to share something with somebody while it is still funny, and these ecards are the perfect solution. We carry an outstanding range of ecards which are business in joke related and once you have paid your monthly subscription you can send as many as you like. Never mind that moment pass by again by signing up now. Receiving one of these ecards via email will brighten their day too, and if you can everyone on board the water cooler humour will remain alive and kicking. Sending ecards to your clients at Christmas time is a must for all serious businesses then send out our corporate Christmas ecards.