Water Cooler Fun Green

Remember the good old days when you would meet a colleague at the water cooler on the premise of getting a drink when you were really there to tell a joke, share a funny story or even flirt a little? Those days are rapidly disappearing with the advent of both cubicles and the advent of such working environments as call centres. You take a hysterical call and are dying to share it with a colleague so you send an email asking them to meet you at the water cooler, but they are on a call and can't get away. By the time they have finished you are on another call and the moment has passed. Buy a subscription and you have these awesome range of business related business ecards at your disposal so you will never again miss that moment. The image is of a couple of workers at the water cooler and the rest is blank for you to fill in. If you work in a place that already embraces ecards then great, if not it’s time to spread the word that this is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way of bringing a touch of good old fashioned water cooler humour into the modern workplace. Sending out ecards for the Christmas holiday period is the most common use in business and we offer the best product on the market Ecard Shack.  Check out our corporate holiday ecards.