Water Cooler Fun Red

If you have worked in an office for a long time you will remember the fun you used to have at the water cooler when you and a colleague would have a chuckle while getting drinks you really didn't want. Modern workspaces with dividers and cubicles mean those moments happen more by chance that anything else now as you cannot catch an eye and make a quick gesture to say “meet me by the water cooler”. Just because times have moved forward in offices it does not mean that you can no longer have fun, you simply have to be more creative with it. You have all you need right in front of you in terms of your computer and on there is us, with our great range of ecards dedicated to workplace humour. There are times at work when something funny happens that you need to share, but if you wait until you are on a break the moment has passed. The solution? Christmas ecards for business such as this Water Cooler Fun Red model will allows you to write your own message and the fact it has a picture of people standing at a water cooler will amuse those colleagues who also miss those special moments you used to share at work. We do have some stunning red holiday ecards for business that we would love you to see and hopefully enrich your Christmas marketing campaign with.