Those blessed with good memories have a very short fuse with those who are unable to hold a thought for longer than 5 minutes. This often comes to a head if you tell somebody to do something important, they forget to do it, and it comes back on you. At the end of the day some of us are naturally blessed with better memories than others, and those who are always forgetting things are often the butt of many a joke in the workplace. If you want to send corporate ecards to somebody either because they are forgetful or to have a joke about somebody else who has the memory capacity of a carrot then our Forgetful Times ecards fit the bill. It features a couple standing by a water cooler, where else, and the woman is clearly remonstrating her male colleague. The text reads “I can't believe you haven't finished the thing I forgot to tell you start”. Office humour at its best; succinct and sarcastic. A typical bosses attitude to somebody who has started a task off their own bat then getting wrong off the person who should have told them when to start it but forgot. How does your company choose to communicate Christmas well wishes to your client base? If you would consider ecards then look no further than our e Christmas cards for business.