Computer Fun Green

Is there such as thing as computer humour? Damn right there is and it takes place in every office in every company. This is the type of humour those outside of the office place won't get, so why try and explain it? Having a bit of harmless fun makes the day go quicker and has actually been proven to be more productive so there you go; win win situation. Corporate ecards are sent electronically via email and therefore the perfect way of spreading the joy of computer humour in the workplace. Whether you want to tell a few jokes to break the sombre mood, or ask if anyone else is enjoying looking busy, or if the IT guy who fixed your screen was fit, these ecards are the perfect way of spreading the word. As these cards only have an image on the front of someone at their computer you add the text yourself, and with a subscription you can send one of these for every occasion that occurs in the office place from a promotion to what you think is going on in a meeting to a bit of computer humour which you can share with other like-minded individuals to make that day go so much quicker. Why don’t you consider sending ecards to clients at Christmas time and wow them with our wondrous e Christmas cards for business.