It’s Simple to Create Awesome Animated & Video Ecards

Those fancy animated & video ecards that often get sent around at Christmas might seem complicated to create, but that’s simply not the case! Some animated and video ecard websites take your requirements and then take an age to come back with something – but at Ecard Shack, you control the whole process!

  1. Step 01 icon - Choose Design

    Choose the design

    Browse, preview and then choose your animated ecards design from our wide ranging portfolio of professional holiday video ecards.

  2. Step 02 icon - Select Music

    Select the music

    We’ve dozens of great tracks to accompany your ecard, whether you prefer classic or contemporary and upbeat. Choose no music if you prefer.

  3. Step 03 icon - Customise eCard

    Customise ecards

    There is so much choice to enrich your animated ecards. Add a logo, compose a message, choose animations, change typeface, add your signature … there’s so much customisation!

  4. Step 04 icon - Send eCard

    Send your animated ecards

    Sending your video or animated Christmas ecards to your friends, colleagues or clients couldn’t be easier. When you are ready we guide you all the way and show you how to send via email. Or, ask us to send it for you.

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