Create awesome business ecards in minutes

Create the perfect business Christmas ecards with our super easy design tool that’s simple, fast and great fun to use. Why would you want to commission a company to spend weeks creating your company ecards only for them to return nothing like what you wanted. Be in full control of your Christmas ecards project with Ecard Shack.


Step 01 icon - Choose Design

Step 1

Choose the design

Preview, then select a high quality design with animation for the front and background pages of your business ecard from our extensive portfolio.

Step 02 icon - Customise eCard

Step 2

Add your message

Customize your Christmas ecards for business however you want. Add your logo, select animations, insert live web links and more. You fully personalize your ecard message.

Step 03 icon - Select Music

Step 3

Add your music

We have dozens of great seasonal music tracks. Choose from carols and classic Christmas tunes, go contemporary and upbeat or have no music if you prefer.

Step 04 icon - Send eCards

Step 4

Send eCard

Share and agree your design with colleagues. Pay online then simply copy your electronic Christmas cards into an email to send out, or use our service to send it for you.


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