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Fully customize your charity eCards with our simple to use on-line process and wide range of seasonal photography, animation and music. You get to design your charity eCard in every detail, from uploading your logo to adding links to your website.

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Three easy ways to get the right charity Christmas eCard for your business.

Whether you want to build an elegant charity business eCard yourself or lean on our in-house design team, we've got you covered this Christmas.

Create Your Own eCard

Create beautiful business Christmas eCards in minutes with our simple, self-service design tool.

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Premium eCards

Delight your contacts with an animated or video Christmas eCard. Chosen by you, designed by us.

20+ fully animated video eCards

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Unlimited recipients

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Bespoke eCards

Stun your contacts with a one-of-a-kind Christmas eCard. Made from scratch just for your business.

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What is a charity eCard?

A charity eCard is a heartfelt and socially responsible way for businesses to spread holiday cheer. 

It’s a digital Christmas card that includes a message to promote a chosen charity that aligns with your values. In many cases, the company sending the Christmas charity eCard will have made a donation to the charity instead of buying a traditional card. 

Unlike traditional paper cards, charity eCards offer a sustainable and eco-friendly way to celebrate the festive season. By opting for these meaningful eCards, you contribute to reducing paper waste and actively participate in creating a greener, more sustainable future.

Why send a charity eCard?

1. Make an impact

When you choose our charity eCards, you're not only sending warm holiday wishes but also actively contributing to positive change. Your donation may impact initiatives such as education for underprivileged children, healthcare for the vulnerable, environmental conservation and other worthy causes. 

2. Reflect corporate social responsibility

In a world where conscious consumerism is on the rise, showcasing corporate social responsibility is vital for businesses. Our charity eCards serve as a powerful reflection of your company's values and commitment to giving back to society. By choosing eCards that support meaningful causes, you demonstrate to your clients, partners and employees that your business cares about making a positive impact beyond profit margins. 

3. Personalised touch with meaning

While embracing the spirit of giving, our charity eCards allow you to maintain a personal touch. You can customise the eCards with heartfelt messages that convey your sincere Christmas wishes, adding a touch of warmth to your greetings. Incorporate your company's logo into the design to reinforce brand identity and show that your business takes pride in its philanthropic efforts.

How to create a charity eCard

At eCard Shack, spreading joy and making a positive impact is as simple as creating your charity eCard. Follow these easy steps to craft a greeting that supports charitable causes and brings happiness to your recipients.

1. Choose your eCard type

Begin by deciding on the type of Christmas Charity eCard you want to send. We offer three options to suit your preferences and needs:

Create Your Own eCard: Design a custom business eCard using our user-friendly self-service tool. Select from a wide range of elements to personalise your greeting and align it with your brand's identity.

Premium Christmas eCards: Opt for our professionally designed animated or video charity eCards, specially created by our in-house team. These captivating eCards are perfect for making a lasting impression on your recipients.

Bespoke Christmas eCards: For a truly unique touch, go with our bespoke Christmas eCards. Work closely with our talented designers to craft a one-of-a-kind charity eCard tailored exclusively to your business and the cause you support.

2. Finalise the template

If you’re choosing to create your own charity eCard or opt for a premium eCard, your first job will be to choose a template. We have plenty of great options to choose from, so you’re sure to find one you like. If you’re opting for a bespoke business eCard design, we’ll manage the entire process for you.

3. Add your messages and logo

Personalise your charity eCard by adding heartfelt messages that express your Christmas best wishes. Include your company's logo to reinforce your brand identity and showcase your commitment to making a difference. Don't forget to include a charity message, highlighting the cause you are supporting and inviting recipients to join in spreading kindness.

4. Review and test your eCard

Before sending your charity eCard to your valued recipients, take a moment to review and test it. Ensure that all elements are correctly placed and that your messages are error-free. Preview the animation and test any interactive features to guarantee a seamless and delightful experience for your recipients.

5. Send your charity Christmas eCard

Once you're satisfied with your charity eCard, it's time to spread the joy. Send your eCard to clients, partners, employees and other stakeholders to share some Christmas cheer and demonstrate your commitment to your charitable cause. Charity eCards often get more attention than a standard Christmas card or eCard, so they’re definitely worth considering this year.

Charity eCards to delight your Customers

Whatever you are looking for you will find it at eCard Shack. Each design is animated to bring a smile to your customer’s face. Browse the examples below or check out our full portfolio of charity eCards.