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Try our super easy design tool that allows you to design and then fully customize the perfect electronic Christmas cards for business. It takes only minutes to select images, music and animations for your eCard before you personalise it just the way you want.

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What are electronic business Christmas cards?

Electronic business Christmas cards, also known as digital Christmas cards, are a modern and efficient way for companies to extend season's greetings to clients, partners and employees. 

Unlike their traditional counterparts, electronic business Christmas cards are created and sent digitally, often using an online tool or service. Such tools and services make the process fast and easy, enabling you to tick a typically time-consuming job off your to-do list during the busiest time of the year.

Imagine a digital greeting that conveys the festive spirit while embracing the convenience you expect from using technology's convenience. With digital Christmas cards, you can effortlessly spread holiday cheer and appreciation to those who have been instrumental in your business's success.

Why choose electronic business Christmas cards?

Greater efficiency

In today's fast-paced business world, embracing technology is vital. Digital Christmas cards offer a convenient and time-saving alternative to traditional paper cards. With just a few clicks, you can reach your entire network and share your heartfelt holiday wishes in an instant.

Be progressive

Sending electronic Christmas cards demonstrates your company's forward-thinking approach and commitment to staying environmentally conscious. These digital greetings are paperless and eco-friendly, reflecting your dedication to sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint.

Customise your digital holiday cards

Electronic business Christmas card tools provide extensive choice and the ability to customise your designs. That means you can create the eCard you want, not just go with a generic pack you find in a store. You can edit the messages and add logos or charity messages to personalise it to your business.

Save time and energy

This holiday season, save valuable time and energy by opting for electronic Christmas cards. No more addressing envelopes, stuffing cards or dealing with postage. With just a few simple steps, you can design and send your electronic cards to a wide audience, making the most of your festive season.

Creating your electronic business Christmas card

Crafting your digital Christmas card with eCard Shack is straightforward and efficient. Follow these simple steps to create a meaningful and memorable greeting:

1. Select your card type

Choose from our three card options:

Create Your Own eCard: Design a custom business Christmas eCard using our user-friendly tool. Personalise it to align with your brand's identity and the messages you want to share.

Premium Christmas eCards: Opt for our professionally designed animated video eCards. You choose the template and share the messages and we’ll do the rest. You’ll leave a lasting impression on your recipients.

Bespoke Christmas eCards: Collaborate with our designers for a unique touch. Get an electronic business Christmas eCard that is made from scratch based on your preferences and budget.

2. Customise your message and branding

Personalise your electronic business Christmas card with a heartfelt message and your company's logo. Express your warmest wishes and let your brand identity shine. Our online eCard design tool enables you to add the message, music and logo you want.

3. Preview and send

Before sending your digital holiday card, take a moment to preview and ensure everything looks perfect. Once satisfied, send your Christmas eCard to your clients, partners, and employees and spread some festive cheer!


Choose your design

Pick from a fantastic selection of festive business eCard styles.


Personalise your eCard

Customise your Christmas eCard with a message, logo and music.


Send your eCard

Delight your contacts with your personalised business Christmas eCard.

Our eCards

Three easy ways to get the right electronic Christmas eCard for your business.

Whether you want to build an elegant electronic business eCard yourself or lean on our in-house design team, we've got you covered this Christmas.

Create Your Own eCard

Create beautiful business Christmas eCards in minutes with our simple, self-service design tool.

Extensive choice of designs

Create in under 5 minutes

Personalise your message

Upload your logo

Competitive pricing

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Premium eCards

Delight your contacts with an animated or video Christmas eCard. Chosen by you, designed by us.

20+ fully animated video eCards

Ready in 2 to 3 days

Unlimited recipients

Downloadable video file

Share on social media

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Bespoke eCards

Stun your contacts with a one-of-a-kind Christmas eCard. Made from scratch just for your business.

Fully customisable video eCards

Built to your requirements

Unlimited recipients

Downloadable video file

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