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What are business holiday eCards?

Business holiday eCards are a contemporary and efficient way for companies to extend warm and festive greetings to their clients, partners and even employees during the holiday season.

These electronic cards capture the spirit of the holidays while offering a convenient and environmentally conscious alternative to traditional paper cards. With just a few clicks, you can design and send custom holiday eCards that convey your appreciation and well wishes to your recipients.

Unlike paper cards, holiday eCards for business are created and sent digitally, eliminating the need for physical postage and paper consumption. This modern approach not only saves time and resources but also showcases your company's forward-thinking mindset.

Why choose business holiday eCards

Efficiency and convenience

In the fast-paced world of business, efficient processes save money. Holiday eCards for business offer a streamlined and hassle-free way to reach your entire network with your heartfelt holiday greetings. 

With a few simple steps, you can send your eCards to recipients all over the world, spreading joy and well wishes without the time-consuming process of addressing envelopes and mailing.

Reflect your eco-friendly values

Showcase your company's commitment to sustainability by choosing business holiday ecards . By opting for digital greetings over traditional paper cards, you contribute to the reduction of paper waste and support a greener, more environmentally friendly approach to celebrating the holidays. Your recipients will appreciate your efforts to minimise your carbon footprint.

Personalise your message

Holiday eCards for business provide ample opportunity for personalisation. Craft a unique and heartfelt message that resonates with your recipients, conveying your genuine appreciation for their partnership and support. You can also include your company's logo to reinforce your brand identity and showcase your commitment to meaningful connections.

How to create your holiday eCards for business

Designing your perfect business holiday ecards with eCard Shack is a straightforward and enjoyable process. Follow these simple steps to create a distinctive and meaningful greeting:

1. Choose your eCard type

Select the ideal holiday eCard option that aligns with your company's image and values:

Create Your Own Business Holiday eCard: Use our user-friendly design tool to create a custom holiday eCard. Add personalised elements such as your logo, colours and message to craft a unique greeting.

Premium Holiday eCards: Elevate your greetings with professionally designed animated video eCards. These captivating eCards are designed to leave a lasting impression on your recipients.

Bespoke Holiday eCards: Collaborate with our skilled designers to craft a one-of-a-kind holiday eCard tailored exclusively to your business. This option allows you to fully realise your creative vision.

2. Personalise your message

Improve your holiday eCards for business with a heartfelt message that expresses your sincere holiday wishes. Take the opportunity to convey gratitude and appreciation for the relationships that drive your business's success.

3. Review and finalise your holiday eCard

Before sending out your business holiday eCards, take a moment to review and refine every detail. Ensure that your message is accurate, error-free and aligned with your intended sentiments.

4. Share the holiday joy

Once you're satisfied with your creation, it's time to spread the holiday spirit. Send your personalised holiday eCards for business to your clients, partners, and employees, extending warm wishes and fostering meaningful connections.

Ready to create your business holiday eCards? Explore our wide range of templates and start crafting your perfect greeting today.


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Three easy ways to get the right holiday Christmas eCard for your business.

Whether you want to build an elegant business holiday eCard yourself or lean on our in-house design team, we've got you covered this Christmas.

Create Your Own eCard

Create beautiful business Christmas eCards in minutes with our simple, self-service design tool.

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Premium eCards

Delight your contacts with an animated or video Christmas eCard. Chosen by you, designed by us.

20+ fully animated video eCards

Ready in 2 to 3 days

Unlimited recipients

Downloadable video file

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Bespoke eCards

Stun your contacts with a one-of-a-kind Christmas eCard. Made from scratch just for your business.

Fully customisable video eCards

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Unlimited recipients

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