Video & Animated Christmas Ecards For Business

For Christmas cards with a difference, check out our great range of amazing video and animated holiday ecards for businesses. Fully customizable with our online design tool, you can send animated and video ecards to your colleagues and clients in no time at all.

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What is an animated Christmas eCard?

Animated Christmas eCards are a captivating and modern way to spread festive cheer and warm wishes to clients, partners and employees during the festive season. 

Unlike a traditional Christmas card or eCard, an animated eCards uses video to make a big impact when it lands in people’s inboxes. Dynamic animated video elements bring your messages to life and stand out from any other card or eCard they receive.

The Magic of Animated Cards

Animated Christmas eCards take holiday greetings to the next level by adding movement, music and creativity to your messages. 

Video eCards come to life with delightful animations that can range from videos featuring your team’s faces or eCard Shack’s beloved character, Inkman. 

If you’re looking for something that offers something that’s extra special, video eCards are the way to go this Christmas.

Benefits of Animated Christmas eCards

Visual appeal and engagement

The dynamic nature of animated holiday eCards captures attention and keeps recipients engaged from start to finish. With animations that evoke the spirit of Christmas, your recipients are sure to be charmed by the festive visuals.

Memorable impressions

Animated Christmas eCards create lasting impressions. The combination of movement and music enhances the emotional impact of your message, making your well wishes stand out and be remembered.


Customise your animated holiday eCard to reflect your brand's identity or your personal style. Add your company's logo, incorporate specific colours, and include a heartfelt message to create a unique and personalised greeting.

Environmental friendliness

By choosing animated eCards, you contribute to a more sustainable Christmas tradition. These digital greetings reduce paper waste and carbon footprint associated with traditional cards.


With just a few clicks, you can design and send animated Christmas eCards to a wide audience, regardless of geographical location. This convenience is especially valuable during the busy holiday season.

Creating your animated Christmas eCard

Crafting a memorable animated video Christmas Card is easy with eCard Shack. Follow these simple steps to design an eCard that spreads holiday joy:

1. Select Your animation style

Choose from a range of animation styles that align with your preferences. Whether you prefer whimsical, elegant or heartwarming animations, you'll find the perfect fit.

2. Personalise your eCard

Add your personal touch by incorporating your company's logo, selecting colours and composing a heartfelt message. The ability to customise your eCard ensures that it resonates with your recipients.

3. Add music and sound

Enhance the festive atmosphere by selecting music or sound effects that complement the animation and create a complete sensory experience.

4. Review and finalise

Take a moment to review and refine your animated Christmas video Card. Ensure that all elements are in place and that your message is clear and error-free.

5. Send your eCard

Once satisfied with your creation, spread the joy by sending your animated Christmas eCard to clients, partners, friends, and family. You'll be sharing the holiday spirit in a way that brings smiles and warmth to everyone's hearts.


Choose your design

Pick from a fantastic selection of festive business eCard styles.


Personalise your eCard

Customise your Christmas eCard with a message, logo and music.


Send your eCard

Delight your contacts with your personalised business Christmas eCard.

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Whether you want to build an elegant animated business eCard yourself or lean on our in-house design team, we've got you covered this Christmas.

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