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Yes, if you prefer to use your own email platform to send the emails, this should work just as seamlessly as sending the email yourself. There should be no extra requirements to do this.

Here’s how to send an eCard from an email marketing platform:

Sending your eCard from a third-party email marketing platform, such as Mail Chimp, should be approached in exactly the same way as sending standard emails.

Once you have designed and saved your eCard on eCard Shack, the following instructions will help you get the images and links you need to add into your email marketing platform.

  1. Go to the ‘Your eCards’ page in your account
  2. Click the ‘Send Test Preview’ or ‘Send Your eCard’ button next to your chosen ecard
  3. Copy your eCard thumbnail image and link
  4. Use the ‘Click Here to Copy Your eCard’ button to copy the thumbnail image and link to your ecard
  5. You can now paste this directly into a new email that you have created on your email marketing platform

Alternatively, you can download a copy of your eCard thumbnail image:

  1. Either right-click (for Windows) or two-finger click (for Mac) the image of your eCard and select ‘Save Image As’
  2. You can then upload this into the image library of your email marketing platform

To get the link to your eCard, either right-click (for Windows) or two-finger click (for Mac) the image of your eCard and select ‘Copy Link Address’.

Our standard Christmas eCards are based on a professional image template that includes a wide range of animated effects so that you can bring the ecard to life.

Our premium eCards, however, are entirely animation-focused. Each eCard is completely unique and edited by one of our dedicated designers with your own personal messaging, imagery – and of course, company branding.

With our premium eCard, you will also have unlimited contacts you can send your eCard out to at no additional cost. Plus, you can also send a video file that you (or your recipient) can post on social media!

If you would like more information on what makes our premium eCards different, a member of our team would be happy to discuss this with you. Please feel free to reach out to us here.

Our premium eCards put you and your team at the heart of your message, along with the ability to choose from different animation features and other customisation options.

In some cases, our premium eCard collection can be customised even further if you would like, but this will depend on the change.

Depending on what you choose, some of our eCards contain opportunities for user-supplied content. This could include anything from photos of your team, custom messaging, and/or your own company logos.

To view our collection of premium eCards, please visit our dedicated page here. If you require more information about premium ecards, please contact us here.

Choosing our premium eCard option comes with a wide range of benefits. These include:

  • Dedicated designers that’ll spend time making your eCard perfect.
  • Further customisation options depending on which option you choose.
  • Completion in just a matter of days.
  • Being able to include your own holiday messaging.
  • User-supplied content opportunities depending on which option you choose.
  • Being able to include your own company logo.
  • Inclusion of photos and videos (dependent on the eCard option you choose) so that you’re able to thank both clients and contacts from your entire team.
  • Inclusion of names or faces or the celebration of company events throughout the year through pictures.

To find out more about what our premium eCard collection includes, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our team here.