The Ecardshack Design Process


Step 1 – Choose Your Design Template

A template design can be up to 3 pages long and comprises a front page theme, music and a background theme for pages 2 and 3.

Step 2 – Customize Your Ecard

Ecardshack offer you more customisable features that any other ecard. Each time you add details to a page you will see your design update before your eyes, keeping you in complete control. Choose what is displayed all three pages of your card, with a choice of custom ecard fonts, text colours and more – including options to link to a web address and social media channels.

Front Page

Inside Page

Back Page

Step 3 – Choose Music (Or Remove It!)

Ecardshack gives you the best Christmas ecard music selection out there, but if our range of classic holiday tunes isn’t your thing, you can choose not to have music on your card at all.

Step 4 – Preview Your Ecard

Finally, you can preview your completed ecard and decide whether to go back and make changes or save it. Once the ecard has been saved to your Ecardshack account you can share test emails with colleagues, add other designs or go ahead with placing your order. You can design as many ecards as you like free of charge.

How to make the best ecards for business


Ecardshack offer you some simple yet very effective tools to get the most out of your ecards and here are our key tips to getting the best results from a project:

Logo – This is one time of year to place your brand at the forefront of your clients minds. Unless you have a terrible logo why waste an opportunity?

Signatures – This feature has a modest fee of $50 / £40 however it genuinely adds personality to your ecard and is a closer representation of the paper cards of the past.

Text options – Want to personalize your design? Choose your own text styles, sizes and colours throughout the pages of your ecard.

Choosing the right design – It is important that you choose an ecard that is consistent with your brand or the message you are trying to convey. Don’t choose a Santa image if it’s a corporate tone you are looking for.

Social Media – We offer you the ability to add links to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. You don’t need us to remind you how important they are in modern business.

Links to your website – Adding a link to your website is a great tool to drive visitors to your website. Who knows, your ecard could actually make a profit for you.

Think of a good message – We provide some suggestions for your ecard however from experience there is no substitute for thinking of something different to capture your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Add music – We are always amazed when approximately 30% of our clients choose to exclude music from the ecard. Who could possibly be offended at hearing a great music track to accompany a well intentioned ecard?