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The pricing of our personalised corporate ecards is in bands, based on the number of recipients you wish to send your ecard to.

Please note that your ecards will not work if you send to more recipients than in the price band selected.

If you have any pricing questions not covered here please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Number of recipientsUSDGBP
0 to 50 recipients $164£99
51 to 100 recipients$234£139
101 to 150 recipients$284£169
151 to 200 recipients$349£209
201 to 300 recipients$399£239
301 to 400 recipients$449£269
401 to 500 recipients$499£299
501 to 600 recipients$549£329
601 to 700 recipients$574£344
701 to 800 recipients$599£359
801 to 900 recipients$624£374
901 to 1000 recipients$649£389
1001 to 2000 recipients$699£419
2001 to 3000 recipients$749£449
3001 to 4000 recipients$799£479
4001 to 5000 recipients$849£509
Unlimited recipients and shareable on social media$999£699

Sending service Add on

We recommend customers send out their own eCard, however, we do offer our own sending service which can be selected as part of the checkout process. For more than 5000 recipients, please contact us for pricing. Our sending service requires 2-3 working days to set up.

USD $250 // GBP £200

Staff signatures Add on

We can add an extra personal touch to your ecard by including signatures from your team for a one-off price. We normally recommend up to 8 signatures per card, but contact our team for more information.

USD $50 // GBP £40