Red Holiday Decs

This ruby red holiday bauble with a matching candle really grabs your attention and looks very special for this Christmas time.  The stunning ruby stone and gold piping detail on the bauble sparkles and shines invitingly.  The candle has the same lovely gold lacing around the case and the candle flame glows warmly next to the bauble, adding light and holiday sparkle.  The gold curly ribbon adds to this lovely image and gives a party feel, like the champagne is just about to pop!  Both centrepieces are placed delicately on a red background that has a pretty pattern of swirls, giving the impression of a rich and expensive feel to the shot.  When the card plays, the animation really brings the image to life by the rubies and gold lacing sparkling and gleaming prettily.   At Ecard Shack your e Christmas cards for business for business are sure to impress with our stunning designs and exceptional quality animation.  Our customers always come back year after year, because they appreciate that we also focus on exceptional customer care.  We are happy to help with any query, large or small so please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are always here to help you with your holiday ecards for business design and offer suggestions where needed.

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