Santas Sandy Christmas

This hilarious design is one of our favourites, especially with overseas customers! The corporate Christmas ecards are set on a tropical beach somewhere remote, with a huge sand mould of Santa himself and his huge sack of gifts at the ready.  The mould is incredibly artistic and life like, you almost feel like Santa is going to reach into his sack and hand you a gift!  The background to the ecards is very tranquil with turquoise sea and white sand you can slip through your fingers softly.  The trees indicate you are on a tropical desert island far far away.  These e Christmas cards for business may be ideal if you deal with customers that travel or alternatively you may like the thought of your customers escaping into the sun filled image!  At the ecard shack, we like our cards to create a feel good factor for our customers and allow you to have many different options to choose from.  As you will see from our website, we have an extensive range in our portfolio of different designs to choose from.   Our cards allow you to send your warmest wishes or provide your customers with a personal message.  Likewise, you may prefer to use your cards as a great marketing opportunity where you can send your clients information about the year you have had as a company or looking forward to the year ahead.