Simplicity Is King

Everybody has a work colleague that causes them to groan inwardly when they begin speaking. It is not that you don't like them, or the fact that they aren't interesting, their problem is that they go from A to B via C, D and E! In short, they are far too wordy and explain the simplest of things in the most complicated of ways. This can turn a 5 minute meeting as nobody knows what the hell they were on about and have to keep asking questions to get the gist of it. Did you ever think for a moment that this person is more than likely lacking self-confidence and all this wordiness is an attempt to seem cleverer than they think they are? If you have a meeting looming with this person sending them these Simplicity Is King corporate ecards to make that meeting more enjoyable for everyone. The image of the peaceful lakeside is effectively telling them to relax and breathe, rather than taking nineteen to the dozen. This scene is the background for the message which reads; “If you can't explain it simply you don't understand it well enough”. Add a personal message to the ecards to let them know that they are interesting, they make sense, but they don' need to try and sound clever; they already are. I think we’ve proven to you already that ecards can be very personal so why not treat your clients this coming Christmas period with one of our amazing e Christmas cards for business.