Wave Thought

What is a wave thought?

Perhaps you imagine it to be a thought that comes washing into your brain, or maybe a series of thoughts that come surging into your mind one after another.

Perhaps you think they could be thoughts that you send out over the ether to someone using your brainwaves. Well as far as we know that is not possible, well not yet anyway.

However, we have made it possible to send a “Wave thought” electronically using our attractive wave thought e cards.

This card has a stunning illustration of a surreal beach with a blue and pink sky and a deep blue ocean.

There is space for you to add your wave thought in words on the picture and there is plenty of space on the back of the ecards for more wave thoughts and maybe your company logo.

Of course, there is a time in the year when you can send some more traditional thoughts and wishes to all the people you know.

That time is Christmas.

However, we here at ecardshack are very aware of the problems of sending hundreds or thousands of Christmas cards.

This is why we have a wide range of e Christmas cards for business that will relieve you of the stresses and strains of trying to keep up with the Christmas mailing.

Just pick a design from our selection of corporate Christmas ecards and e-mail them.

No stamps or envelopes will be required.