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Design superb Christmas ecards for business

Fully customisable business ecards with a really simple process. Wow your clients this Christmas time.

Prices from just $164 / £99.

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Create Awesome Business Ecards in Minutes

Choose Design

Preview, then select a high quality design with animation for the front and background pages of your business ecards from our extensive portfolio.

Select Music

We have dozens of great seasonal music tracks. Choose from carols and classic Christmas tunes, go contemporary and upbeat or have no music if you prefer.

Customise Ecards

Customize your Christmas ecards for business however you want. Add your logo, select animations, insert live web links and more. You fully personalize your ecard message.

Send Ecard

Share and agree your design with colleagues. Pay online then simply copy your electronic Christmas cards into an email to send out, or use our service to send it for you.

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Huge range of Electronic Christmas Cards for business

Professional, high quality, contemporary classic electronic Christmas cards for business, New Year and other Holidays, all with subtle animation to delight and bring a smile to your customer’s face.  Browse the examples below or view the full extensive portfolio of Christmas ecards for business. 


Find the perfect Ecard for every occasion -

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Looking for even more customized business ecards?

At Ecard Shack you can have your business Christmas ecards customized as much as you like. If there are photographs or images you want to use, no problem. How about showing members of staff dancing in the snow – we can do that too! Choose from the options below then get in touch.

Business ecards with custom images

We can add your photographs to any of our business ecards designs. Our ecards have up to 4 pages of content so you can choose to focus on the front page, where we can replace the image with one of your own and add animations such as falling snow, sparkles and flickering lights. We can do the same across all 4 pages of your business Christmas ecards as per the example. Consider adding photographs of staff, for that special, personal touch.

Premium custom business ecards

For that extra wow factor, we can use animation techniques to incorporate your own photographs and images into bespoke, electronic Christmas cards for business. Whether you want to include images of your business, products and services or pictures of you and your colleagues, you can create a really special seasonal greeting. This service offers a great opportunity to send a truly unique and memorable business ecard to clients this Christmas time.

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Business Christmas Ecards are: Lower Cost - Less Effort More Eco-Friendly

Lets face it, sending traditional paper Christmas greetings cards is a big hassle and costs the earth. It takes weeks of planning and organization and uses huge resources to design, print, and send out thousands of cards. It’s a big cost to your business in time and money and creates a substantial environmental impact. 

So, let’s just remind ourselves of the main benefits of using business ecards over paper cards.  Environmental responsibility – Corporate social responsibility is a big factor for every business today and limiting carbon emissions is a key objective. The simple fact is that electronic Christmas cards for business generate only a fraction of the CO2 that results from printing and sending paper cards. On average the CO2 required to produce and deliver a traditional paper card is around 200g, whilst the equivalent CO2 to produce and deliver an ecard is only 4g. That makes ecards 50x more environmentally friendly! Time and effort – When you think of what it takes to design, print, unbox and distribute round the organisation, write and sign, address and send paper Christmas cards - compared to the ease and simplicity of a Christmas ecards for business project which, at Ecard Shack can all be completed online, within hours - there is no comparison. Cost – Electronic Christmas cards for business are particularly cost effective when sending a Christmas greeting to a large number of recipients. At Ecard Shack the cost can be as little as 16 cents/10 pence per ecard. Communication – Sincere and effective communication of Holiday greetings has leapt forward with improvements in the design, animation, personalization and digital linking capability of modern ecards for business.

So give yourself, your company and the planet a break this holiday season by sending your customers awesome, low cost, hassle free and environmentally friendly electonic Christmas cards for business. At Ecard Shack you can design business Christmas ecards in just a matter of minutes, send it out instantly and only pay for what you need. 

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