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The benefits to businesses of using corporate ecards over paper cards for Christmas or other Holiday occasions are clear. You save money, time and effort, benefit the environment, impress your customers and build your brand. We recognise that for you, the task of organising your company’s ecard is really important to get right. So at Ecardshack, we provide you with the very best in corporate ecard designs and features plus the most complete and easy to use service you’ll find on the web. Pricing is flexible, based on how many corporate Holiday ecards you want to send. So whatever your budget, we have a solution that’s right for you. You are in control the whole way but we will help and guide you when you want and ensure that every element of your project, from designing to sending your corporate ecard, is just the way you want. You can even choose for us to send out your ecards for you, if you can’t do it yourself. Whether you are looking to send seasonal greetings to your customers at Christmas, New Year or any other Holiday occasion, we have a great portfolio of high quality designs for you to choose from.

(Our ecard design process. Control + easy to use + flexibility + fun = perfect corporate ecards!)

Select the images and music you want for your design and then watch as it instantly updates with the messages, personal details and branding information you add/upload. There are hints and tips at every stage. Make as many changes as you like until you have your finished design to preview, save and share with others before you order.

How Do I Design An Ecard?

Christmas Ecards


Send Holiday greetings with our extensive range of business Christmas ecard designs and seasonal music tracks.

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New Year Ecards

new year

Wish your customers, prospects and staff Happy New Year with our wide range of corporate ecard designs and music tracks.

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Thanksgiving Ecards


Celebrate Thanksgiving with our range of seasonal corporate Thanksgiving ecard designs and music tracks

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Starting from just $155/£95, the classic designs and subtle animation of our corporate Holiday ecards offers your business the perfect way to send seasonal greetings to customers and build your brand.

By choosing Ecard Shack you get:

  • Mobile device compatibility so your ecard can be viewed anywhere.
  • An online design process that is simplicity itself and fun to do.
  • Complete freedom to personalize and convey the right message and branding.
  • A specific section to highlight charitable support/donation (optional).
  • Comprehensive and friendly support just a click or a call away. We’ll help you get the most from your ecard.
  • If you want to use your own images or music, we can even design a custom ecard for you.

So why not get started and see how easy it can be.

It’s a fact that more and more businesses are turning to corporate ecards instead of traditional paper cards to send seasonal greetings to their customers. This is no surprise when you consider the cost, time saving and communication advantages they offer and growing acceptance of visual content in e communications, as evidenced by the explosion of social media platforms and how people use them usage in both their personal and business lives.

Just look at the growing number of searches on the web for ecard communications. Whilst people use many different words and phrases, they are all looking for pretty much the same thing – a way to cut out the cost and hassle of sourcing, producing, organising, collating, distributing and sending traditional paper ecards, and doing something different. Something fresh, simple, environmentally friendly, responsive and engaging to send their customers that will convey the same sincere emotions and appreciation.

When it comes down to electronic vs traditional paper, electronic is (if you’ll excuse the pun), holding all the cards!

So, if we need to remind ourselves again, here are the key advantages of corporate ecards – the very reason you are on our site and reading this. Cost.

Ecards represent a fraction of the price of paper cards. Consider how much company branded paper cards cost to procure, design, buy envelopes for, buy stamps for and send.

Time and effort.

Organising an ecard project is far simpler than for paper cards. Whilst it’s still important to get everyone’s input and approval, there’s no distributing cards round the office for people to sign, no printing or writing of address labels, no envelope stuffing and stamp fixing/franking and no load to take down to the mail room.

Environmental responsibility.

This is one of the most compelling arguments for ecards over paper cards and an area of growing importance to businesses. No trees are pulped for cards and envelopes and no carbon miles are incurred sending and delivering.


Even if you ignore the cost, effort and environmental arguments, some people say there’s no substitute for a hand written message and signature to show real consideration – but let’s face it, this is just not practical when sending to hundreds, if not thousands of recipients.

We’d agree that poorly designed ecards with little personalisation or real thought put into them are a bad idea. That’s why our ecards are of the highest quality in terms of design and animation. With the ability to personalise and brand to a degree that can’t be matched by paper cards, you have the flexibility to communicate your important message with sincerity and appreciation.