5 Advantages of Christmas Ecards for Businesses over Paper Cards

5 Advantages of Christmas Ecards for Businesses over Paper Cards

Christmas ecards for business are becoming more and more popular, both for anyone with a digital presence or want to connect more effectively with their customers.

If you are still sending paper cards to your clients then you might like to consider the many advantages that have put business ecards out in front for celebrating special occasions.

From being more cost-effective to environmentally friendly, ecards give you the opportunity to have an increased relationship with stakeholders. Clients, customers, employees and investors – each can receive a personalised ecard, unlike traditional paper cards.

Read on to find out eCard Shack’s top advantages and benefits of Christmas ecards for businesses over traditional paper cards…


Christmas is often a time of excess, we all spend more. Whether it’s gifts, visits or meals out, it can be a time where budgeting can be very useful.

If you send out paper cards, then you will be aware of the cost money and the time taken to sign and stuff the envelopes. If you are branding your cards, you will need to send them to a printer and make sure you proof them properly prior to press. That’s before arranging staff to sit down and get them ready for posting, pay for delivery and sending.

Ecards allow for a quicker and cost-effective route. It’s one simple online process that takes little time at all to create and send. Holiday ecards for business can be designed well in advance. They can also be changed right up until the date of sending, cost much less, and don’t take up the staff hours that paper cards do. They’re a richer experience and ensure you’re keeping up with modern communication.

Modern Communication & Speed

Communication is all about mobile and PC use, so your business communication should reflect this for special occasions as well as normal operations.

People are more likely to use their PC and smartphone to buy a product or send a card. In fact, people are more likely now to create a personalised ecard to send to their friends and family than go to a shop and physically buy a card. Holiday ecards are the modern solution to sending out those all-important season’s greetings for businesses.

Even if you forgot to send your best client holiday greeting, you can still do it at the last minute because eCards are sent within minutes – easy. All you need to do is complete your layout and message before you press the send button. You’ll save time and prevent any damage to your relationship with the client.

Another benefit of ecards for businesses is that it is easy to target them to different recipients through segments. This brings in the factor of tailoring the ecard, which is important for making the recipient feel valued. Like blanket emails, you should avoid sending the same eCard to all your recipients because they have different preferences and interests.


The words “it’s not what you say but how you say” are never more true than with an ecard – it’s how you make your recipient feel.

Personalisation is, perhaps, the biggest advantage of eCards over its paper alternatives. Personalising the business ecard to fit each recipient will allow you to take your business relationships to another level. You have a great opportunity to connect with an ecard and clients respond much more to a personal touch – it can build a stronger relationship.

The options are endless when it comes to adding a personal touch to eCards. Many businesses have their busiest time over the holidays and will appreciate a personal message of support. You could add unique photos of your employees or office and a great personal message, depending on who the card is being sent to.

Ensuring a client knows that this message is just for them, that’s when it says something special about your relationship. Personalisation makes clients feel loved, so this is where targeting comes into play. Use your mailing list to make sure you understand your clients and ensure your relevancy to their interests.

Business eCards are highly flexible and can be customised to reflect your brand and say something about your business that you don’t get with a paper card. You can also fit in a link to your site and social media.

Easier to Create & Manage

There are numerous advantages to holiday ecards for businesses, but one is that they are easier to design and manage thanks to online software.

Ecards are easier to design and create than traditional cards – you have to buy them already designed, in most cases. So, you can have your own personal branding attached and add a message specifically tailored to your customer base. This includes adding media, such as images of your staff and videos to make the ecard much more interactive.

It’s very easy to manage who your corporate ecard is going to and when it is going to be dispatched. That means you can deliver the card when you know your customer is going to be at their desk. You can track your interactions as soon as you’ve sent it – analytics are instant and live, just like with an email marketing campaign.

This is an invaluable benefit that allows you to understand your recipients further and see the effectiveness of your messages. Which client viewed the email, who clicked to play the ecard, which client interacted. All of these are vital information for a marketer. Of course, that personal thank you is the cherry on top of the cake for all businesses.

Environmentally Friendly

All businesses have an obligation to reduce their carbon footprint and ecards are part of the solution for going greener.

When you factor in the ecological cost of making and printing the card and the petrol used in having it delivered, then there is no real competition. Holiday ecards for businesses are far more eco-friendly than hard copy paper cards. Green businesses have an edge over non-green businesses as being environmentally responsible is essential for brand image.

Ecards not only shows your company is embracing change and technical developments but also is environmentally and ethically responsible. Christmas eCards ensure your clients are aware of how seriously you take reducing your carbon footprint.

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