4 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Because our business ecards are all about email communication we like to think we know what we are talking about when it comes to email marketing campaigns. Then try to avoid these pitfalls:

  • You have a bad tagline. It’s important to make sure that your introductory line is meaningful and doesn’t seem spammy. If it looks like spam it will be treated as such and your customer probably won’t see your important message as the filter will consign it to the dreaded spam folder.
  • Your content is too long-winded and likely to bore the recipient. Busy people don’t like long copy. They want you to get to the point and do it quickly.
  • Your focus is confused. You have too many things to say and you’re intent on saying them. Resist. Keep your email highly focused, short and succinct.
  • Choosing the wrong images that don’t match your message can confuse your customer and detract from all that carefully written stuff.


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