Aristotle’s Guide to Great Communication

If you thought that working on your communications skills is a modern preoccupation, then think again. In 350BC, philosopher and mathematician Aristotle was coming up with his three prerequisites for good communication and they’re as relevant today as they were back then.



  1. Ethos: In other words your credibility. Do people believe what you say? Do you believe what you say? If you don’t have that underlying credibility, then anything else you say is essentially worthless.
  2. Pathos: Make the emotional connection. We are creatures who form emotional bonds, with other people, with ideas, with objects, with just about everything. Make that connection with your consumer and you have communication dynamite.
  3. Logos: Don’t know what that is? It’s understanding what you are saying. The logic. The facts and features that go together to make your argument.

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