How to Make Your Content More Memorable

It’s not just our business holiday ecards that need a little thought. If you are serious about promoting your business then you need to make sure all your content sticks in the mind.


Here are our top tips:

  • Keep WIIFM in mind: It stands for What’s In It For Me? And is the most important part of marketing. In other words, write content that your customer cares about. Keep asking yourself what they are going to get out of it.
  • Use eye catching headlines and split your content into easy to digest and meaningful chunks.
  • Write like you speak. In other words, don’t try to sound too academic or intelligent. That may sound slightly counter intuitive but it works better if you speak to your audience rather than bamboozle them with obscure ideas and big words.
  • Learn to rewrite with a critical eye. Be honest about your content. Make it the best you can.

A great source for articles on writing good content that gets your customers reading is Problogger. It applies to blogs but can be used for any type of content from the smallest ecard to brochures.

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