Translation Mistakes That Cost Big Business

It’s a tricky thing when you take a product to overseas markets and try to translate it into another language. Many a brand has come undone and there are some pretty big names amongst the more laughable offenders.


Coca-Cola discovered the perils of trying to choose a name that matched the original when they went into the Chinese market. They may have thought Ke-Kou-Ke-La ticked all the boxes until it was discovered that in some dialects the phrase translated as “female horse stuffed with wax”. The drink is now called Ko-Kou-Ko-Le which means “happiness in the mouth”.

Bad Translation

So if you are sending holiday ecards for business to someone in foreign climes, make sure you check the translation before you press the send button. At Ecard Shack we even offer a multi lingual holiday ecard that will serve you well.

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