Welcome to the Home of Corporate Ecards

Fantastic news! The new website is now up and the whole team is really excited about developing EcardShack to be the home of corporate ecards, or to put it another way, simply the best service available to business customers on the web.

In the coming months we’ll be honing, polishing and adding a huge portfolio of brilliant corporate ecards and our state of the art, do it yourself on-line design process, ready for the peak in demand that comes with the Holiday season.

In designing EcardShack we took a long hard look at other christmas ecards for business brands and how well they deliver the services most important to customers, namely:

  • Range and professional quality of the ecards,
  • Options for branding, personalisation and customisation
  • Ease and simplicity of the process and the level of support offered
  • Overall value for money.

To be frank, we found a pretty mixed bag with virtually all sites coming up short in at least one of these areas and many failing across more. So in order to make EcardShack the the home of corporate ecards, we are going to create a new standard in terms of the overall service available to customers.

So here’s what EcardShack is going to be all about:

  • A high quality portfolio of classic and contemporary design themes, all charmingly animated.
  • If you are looking for dancing turkeys or cartoon pranks, we are sorry to disappoint
  • A state of the art D.I.Y. on-line design process
  • Making it simple, easy and fun! With hints, tips and all the support you need from start to finish, EcardShack will deliver the best user experience on the web
  • The flexibility to brand and personalise your ecard exactly the way you want it.
  • Mobile ready √, multiple signatures √, team photos √, web & social media links √..and lots more
  • A price that will fit your budget

Whether you want to send your ecard to 50 or 50,000 people, making the savings and benefits of ecards available to all businesses.

But we’re not going to just cater for traditional Holiday occasions, no way! We all passionately believe that good communication is just about the most important thing there is when it comes to building successful business relationships. There are many different opportunities for ecards to be used, either as different ways to make corporate announcements that you want to spread amongst a wide audience, or to add real value and bring to life everyday messages, sent 1:1 to colleagues or customers. But more about this later. We’ll have some really exciting plans and innovative new products to share throughout the year.

Clients who trust us: