How to add a charity message

If you would like to mention a charity your organization supports then we can provide an additional page in your ecard for you to add their logo and write a specific message. Please contact us to add this page and for further information.

Charity Corporate Ecards

Holiday occasions are all about goodwill and we recognise that many of you will be supporting a charitable cause or want to donate the savings you have made by sending a corporate ecard.

Whilst this a completely optional feature, we provide you with the opportunity to include a message about your charitable support within your ecard. Each of our ecard designs is a maximum of 4 pages long. Within this, page 3 is reserved for detailing your company’s charitable support. If you don’t want to use this feature then you can choose not to include this page in your ecard.

Why promote corporate social responsibility?

Corporate giving in the form of charitable support, resource investment, knowledge sharing and practical help is both a vital source of income and resources for charities and other organisations and also a worthy and creditable undertaking on the part of modern business.

This is why Ecardshack provides a dedicated page within each ecard design for you to detail any activity in this area that you would like to share. It is a way of building positive values into your brand, especially at Christmas and other Holiday seasons, when goodwill, or giving back, is uppermost in our minds.

How will the charity partnership look in your ecard?


You have the ability to upload the logo for the charity you are supporting as long as you have their permission. You are responsible for obtaining this and Ecardshack bears no liability.

If you upload a logo, it will replace your company logo at the top of the ecard on page 3 only – your logo will remain on all other pages.

You are able to type whatever message you want about your support for the charity and any donation you have given or will be giving to their work. You can also mention the work they do but again, you are responsible for getting their permission.