Bubble and Squeek

There are numerous profound sayings that can have so many different meanings to different people depending on their situation at the time. “If possible avoid being a bubble. For a bubble, even the gentlest touch is fatal” is one such saying. It could mean that people try to live their life within a bubble that threatens to burst at any time, or that they are unrealistic dreamers whose ideas constantly crash and burn and dissipate into thin air in the manner a bubble does when popped. Either way, these Bubble and Squeak business ecards are perfect for many situation that can arise in the workplace. The fragility of the bubble in the image is tangible; you know it could go at any time. For a brief second you know there will be water droplets on the grass then it will be gone, leaving no trace it ever existed.  Nobody wants the think that they are making so little impression on those around them that they too will just disappear like this bubble. Letting somebody know that you are behind them, and believe in them, can make a huge difference to not only how somebody performs at work but also how they live their lives in general. We all need to know that somebody cares and by sending these ecards, complete with personal message if you want to add one, can let somebody know exactly that. How does your company send well wishes to employees for the holiday season? Why not send them one of our holiday ecards for business to inform them of your thanks for their hard work for the year.