Cloudy Clarity

We cannot control our dreams. They are an inerrant part of us that are as unique to each individual as their DNA. All of the greatest inventions of our time started as a dream which somebody then turned into a reality. How many people laughed at Alexander Graham Bell when he said he was going to invent a device for people to talk to each other via a wire? Or Charles Babbage when his dream was to create the technology we now take for granted in the form of a computer? We all have great dreams that could change lives, especially our own, but it is having the drive to make them happen rather than them remain in the clouds. If there is somebody who you have met through work who you know has dreams that could come true how do you let them know that are behind them 100% and they should go for it? Our Cloudy Clarity business ecards could have been created for this very situation.  There is no message on this card, only a scene of  blue sky broken up by clouds. You can add your own personal message of encouragement to let them know you believe in their dream, and so should they. While you are with us we would love you  to pop over see how our business holiday ecards can deliver a wow factor holiday greeting to your clients.