Computer Fun Blue

How much of your working day is spent being 'busy doing nothing'? Anyone who is genuinely shocked at this and can honestly say none can walk away now as this is purely for those with a sense of humour. corporate ecards are exactly what their name suggests; they are virtual cards sent electronically via email. Now imagine the fun you can have at work with these when so many businesses these days consist of employees sitting at desks in front of a computer. These ecards feature an image of somebody doing exactly that but there is no text. This is deliberately left blank for you to fill in yourself before sending it to a work colleague. You can literally fill in the blank with anything you like and if you have a funny one liner in mind regarding work based humour it will have much more of an impact written on an ecard than just words sent in an email. It can be something as simple as “running out of ways to look busy, suppose I'd better do some work” or it can be a joke you have heard you think the office will appreciate. Either way, these ecards are the business, literally! How do you celebrate Christmas time with your employees? We hope you throw them a party but why don’t you cheer them up with one of our Christmas ecards for business.