It is human nature to be scared of something. This could be anything from spiders to flying but what do you think the one of the biggest fears is when it comes to business. Failure? Redundancy? Both wrong; the fear of success.  Sounds cock eyed doesn't it, but think about it. Somebody who knows they could do a job standing on their head could be terrified of getting into that position then failing to deliver. Others may be frightened that if they reach a managerial position those underneath them won't like them. Those high flyers have all overcome this fear, and so can everyone else. Give their confidence a boost by sending them these brilliant Confidence business ecards.  The empowering natural scene on the front of the e cards is the perfect backdrop for the thought provoking message which reads; “courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear”. It's okay to feel fear but not to be ruled by it. Take that fear and turn it into something positive and go for it. You can also add your own message if you want them to know you have complete faith in them, you never know what difference you could be making to their lives. We would love to have the opportunity to speak to you or a colleague at your company about our market leading holiday ecards for business, so that your holiday greetings deliver a wow factor.