Courage To Cross

Imagine what it was like in the days of such great explorers as Christopher Columbus. You set sail in ship going god knows where with only the most primitive of navigational systems. You know you would only stop when you found land, if you found land. There was an inbuilt courage involved in lifting that anchor that few of us can appreciate in this high tech age, but courage is something that still plays a massive part in all our lives. To let somebody know that you believe they have the courage to attempt something massive without speaking to them face to face you need to send these Courage To Cross corporate ecards. Immortal words from the great man himself; “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore” are lain over a stunning black and white short of a deserted sea shore. The message? That you have to go the full 9 yards and not hover on the edge. There are times you will feel lost, akin to floating on an ocean surrounded by nothing but sea, but land will come into view, and you will have achieved your goal when you land. If you have 5 minutes why don’t you pop over and check out our Christmas ecards for business? We are sure that you will be massively impressed by what our ecards could do for your company marketing campaign.