Everybody loves cupcakes, the way the industry has taken off in the UK in recent years tells us this. This scrumptious treats with their delicious frostings have overtaken doughnuts as the number one treats in the work place. There is a massive market in birthday cup cakes and you can guarantee when there is a birthday in the office there will be plenty on offer. If the birthday girl, or boy, is known for their love of cupcakes then what better way of sending your greetings than with these Cupcakes corporate ecards.  Three cupcakes, three different colours of frosting and the candles placed across the 3 of them spell out Happy Birthday. It makes sense to put the currently most popular cake in the country onto ecards, and when they look as good as this one you have to wonder why they have taken so long to appear. It isn't cheesy, it isn't schmaltzy, it isn't over familiar for somebody you only know through work in fact, it is absolutely perfect in every way. You also have the option of adding your own message which you can make as personal or as generic as you like depending on how close a working relationship you have with this person. Does your business send out greeting cards at Christmas time to clients? If so then why don’t you have a quick look at our Christmas ecards for business?