Get Well Pooch

Have you noticed that most get well cards are aimed at women? There are flowers on most of them and even the jokey ones are female orientated. If one of your work colleagues is on the sick and he's male, and also has a sense of humour then he will love these Get Well Pooch Christmas ecards for business dropping into his email inbox. This poor dog doesn't look at all well does he? What with his hangdog expression, no pun intended, and the hot water bottle on his head. The message says it all “Sorry to hear you are feeling as sick as a dog”. Thinking along the humour lines, you know who would also appreciate this? That colleague over there who is clearly still suffering from the night before. Hangovers are never pleasant but are greatly exacerbated when you have to go to work with one. Watch their face as they open the email and see your ecard. This is the adult equivalent of passing round notes in class and is just as much fun, if not more so in cases such as this. E cards can be used in so many situations it beggars belief and with a monthly subscription you can send as many as you want to whoever you want. This coming Christmas holiday season why don’t you stop by and design one of our amazing corporate ecards.