Meeting Fun Blue

Now we are not encouraging to waste your working day sending corporate ecards around the office but come on it is fun. These blank ecards with just an image and no text at all are great for getting in work competitions going to see who can come up with the best slogans. This Meeting Fun Blue is perfect for when your male boss/bosses are in yet another meeting and you have more or less been left to your own devices. Unless you are a fly on the wall you will never know for certain what is going on in that room, and the best you can hope for is a watered down version which will arrive in a memo or email, yawn. With these cards you can make up what you think is going on, and have a lot of fun at the same time. Remember, once you buy a monthly subscription from us you can send as many of these bad boys as you want, so this isn't only good fun its cheap fun. Let your imagination run riot as to what is being said behind those closed doors, who knows, you may be closer to the truth that you realise..... How does your business communicate with its clients at the Christmas holiday season? If they want to make a lasting impression, then check out our Christmas ecards for business.