Meeting Fun Green

What is really going on in all those meetings that your bosses keep disappearing into, and how come some of them look very flustered when they come out and others are smirking. Is it really high powered business conversation going on in there or is this the bosses way of getting together to let their hands down under the premise of making cutting edge decision. Only those who make into that hallowed surroundings ever known for sure but one thing is for certain, people around the office will never stop trying to guess. These corporate ecards are perfect for such as occasion. Set this one going with your own message on then the next person can send one with the response and before you know it these are flying back and forwards with the comments becoming more outrageous and risqué as they go. If your supervisor comes back with a deathly serious face you can shoot off another one with your opinion on, or if they look as if they are trying to stifle a laugh then its game on! Get a monthly subscription and you can send as many of these as you like and if you work for a typical business you will need them! Does your business waste tons of time, money and paper at the Christmas holiday season sending paper cards to clients? Check out our answer to all your problems with our Christmas ecards for business.