Riding That Wave

Oh if we could all throw caution to the wind and go with the flow rather than stopping and deliberating over everything that comes our way. That is what makes us human however and distinguishes us from all the other creatures on God's earth. Take the ocean for example, wild and free, restricted only by the lands that form its borders, but holding so many secrets within its depths it is unlikely we will every discover all of them. These business ecards get that exact message across as against a background of a rolling wave is the message “Live in the present, launch yourself on every wave”. In short, grab every opportunity that comes along and don't dismiss anything until you have tried it. This is a message many would appreciate, especially those you work with who are on the cusp of making a huge decision yet are still hesitating. Sometimes we work with people we don't feel we know well enough to speak to them directly, yet sending those ecards such as this is letting them know in the nicest way possible that you think they should go for it. That could be just the nudge they need. Does your company send any kind of corporate marketing for the Christmas holiday season? If so then we would encourage you to check out our business holiday ecards.