Something To Celebrate

Sending a congratulations message in the workplace is more difficult than sending one to friends or family as you may not know that person well enough to grab them and give them a hug and want to remain altogether more professional. This is especially prevalent if it is a client or somebody who you only converse with electronically. Say a client in another company in another country has dropped into the conversation that you they have got engaged, or somebody in another part of your building who you know to say hello to is getting married. Both of these scenarios can be solved in one fell swoop with these thoughtful something to celebrate business ecards. Sure it’s a cake, but the candles spell out congratulations and as a cake is present at all major events it is a multi-functional greetings message. Add a personal message, or your signature, or even just your business logo if you want and send it to their email address. The recipient will be delighted to receive this as it shows you have thought about it rather than just shouted it across the corridor or dropped the word into an instant message. Ecards are as personal as you want them to be, and will last as long as the recipient wants them to. We would love you to also consider using us for your Christmas holiday marketing for your business with our corporate holiday ecards.