Stag for the Holiday

This magnificent stag is so regal and refined, he practically jumps off the page.  His beautiful horns and domineering stance gives you the impression he owns the herd and is not afraid to show it.   The background to the design is a snow filled field or maybe even somewhere remote.  You almost get the feel of the stag being high up on a hill or mountain.   The thick white frosted snow almost crunches under this incredible Stag’s hooves and you can almost feel him move on the page.  You could imagine the hoof footprints in the snow.   As you play the holiday ecards for business, the exceptional animation of the stag breathing in the frosted air is so effective.  The e cards show great elegance and poise and this image is by far one of our most popular designs with our customers.   At Ecard Shack, we specialise in creating exceptional Christmas designs with spectacular animation.  Our designs are so varied and there is a great selection to choose from.  We also aim to deliver an exceptional customer experience and because of this our customers always come back to us year after year.  We always look after our customers and are always here for advise or assistance if you need us.   Our electronic Christmas cards for business is the right choice this year, so what are you waiting for!