Too Many Meetings

If there is one thing guaranteed to get a uniform groan throughout the office it’s the announcement that yet another meeting is to be held. Seriously, you have to wonder what the logic behind this is when it is anything but. One person speaks the rest nod and murmur and take notes, that is not a meeting that is a lecture. As long as the bosses keep us out of it we are fine with all their meetings, and it gives us all the chance to have a bit of “when the cats away the mice will play fun”. Of course you have to do this surreptitiously so what better way is adopting the adult equivalent of classroom notes and sending business ecards to each other? This one is perfect for these times. Entitled Too Many Meetings it features 2 business people on the front with the legend that reads “We have a committee meeting tomorrow to discuss forming a subcommittee to discuss why we have so many meetings. Don't be late”. Of course there is always much conjecture as to what is going on behind those doors and to be honest it is more fun pretending what's going on that actually knowing. Did you know that for small businesses we offer the worlds best and most affordable Christmas ecards for business solution so that your holiday greeting cards projects never look back.