Wonderful Idea

Whether it be good, bad or so so, an idea is an idea at the end of the day and without ideas the world would be a very different place. Some of the greatest ideas ever start from the smallest and most unusual seeds, it how we nurture them after that which is important. Some people do not seem to realise this, and if you have been on a break a work you may well have heard somebody discuss an idea but have dismissed it as a pipe dream. How do you tell that person that what you heard excited you and you can see how great it would be if they followed through with it? These Wonderful Idea business ecards have the word idea written in chalk on a piece of wood and a lit light bulb next to it. Underneath is the quote “To live a creative life we must lose the fear of being wrong”. That is the key; “losing the fear of being wrong”. What is the worst possible scenario at the end of the day? The idea fails. You are no worse off than you were before and at least you can say you tried. Letting somebody else know this via these ecards could be just the encouragement they need. Would you business like to consider revamping their Christmas seasonal marketing to clients? If so then we would love you to consider our corporate Christmas ecards.