What better way is there to tell someone you appreciate them than by sending a bouquet of flowers?

However, sending a great many people a bouquet flowers would require a great deal of organising, so we advise you do it electronically.

That is why we have designed our “Bouquet” ecards.

With a sensitive colour picture of a bouquet of flowers on the front page, we believe this card is the ideal email card to send to people to let them know you appreciate their efforts.

There is space on the front page for an optional message and more space on the reverse for a more expansive message.

When is the best time to email these bouquet ecards?

There are always occasions during the year when someone in your organisation or a business associate needs a message of appreciation.

However, the best time to send out messages of good will is in the run up to specific holiday celebrations.

However, having to send out hundreds or more cards out over a short period can put a great deal of pressure on your staff and finances.

This is why we here at ecardshack would like to work with you and make the sending of your business holiday ecards a trouble free operation

We have a varied range of business holiday cards and email Christmas cards for business that you can choose from.

Once you have selected your cards and written your message, all you need to do is email them to all of your employees or business contacts.

There will be no worrying about postal dates and charges.