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Amazing Holiday Ecards for Business

At Ecard Shack, your business Holiday ecards are fully customizable with our quick and easy to use on-line design tool. Browse, preview and the select from the comprehensive range of professional images, animations and music tracks. If you are after even more customized corporate ecards just get in touch to discuss.

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It’s Simple to Create Awesome Corporate Ecards

See for yourself how quick and easy it is to create the perfect corporate ecards with our online design tool. Many corporate holiday ecards suppliers take on your requirements and then weeks later deliver a solution that isnt quite what you envisaged. At Ecard Shack you will remain in full control and enjoy doing so.

Choose Design

Browse, preview and then choose your animated corporate ecards design from our wide ranging portfolio of professional business holiday ecards. 

Select Music

We’ve dozens of great tracks to accompany your holiday ecards for business, whether you prefer classic or contemporary and upbeat. Choose no music if you prefer.

Customise Ecards

There is so much choice to enrich your corporate holiday ecards. Add a logo, compose a message, choose animations, change typeface, add your signature … somebody stop me!

Send Ecard

Sending your corporate Christmas ecards couldn’t be easier. When you are ready we guide you all the way and show you how to send via email. Or, ask us to send it for you.

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Corporate Holiday Ecards to Delight your Customers

Christmas, New Year, Thanks Giving and more. Whatever you are looking for you will find it at Ecard Shack. Each design is animated to bring a smile to your customer’s face.  Browse the examples below or check out our full portfolio of holiday ecards for business now.

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Or are looking for truly bespoke corporate Christmas ecards?

At Ecard Shack, we offer a full suite of options to customize your holiday ecards for business. Want to include your own photographs and images? We can do that. How about a completely different design that plays as a video and you can you supply pictures of you team or products? Yup – we can do that too. Simply take a look at the options below and then get in touch.

Corporate ecards with custom images

The front page image on our Christmas ecards for business can be replaced with one of your own photographs and overlaid with animation effects like falling snow and glittering lights. At the end of your ecard we can add in a team photo if you like – Santa hats all round everyone!

Premium custom corporate ecards

From adding headshots of your management team onto dancing elves to featuring team photos from different departments or offices around the world, we can create corporate Christmas ecards for you that will have a real ‘wow factor’ with your customers. Find out more and see.

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Business Holiday Ecards are: Lower Cost - Less Effort More Eco-Friendly

There are sound reasons for choosing holiday ecards for business over paper cards. Lower Cost – The price of sending corporate ecards from Ecard Shack can be as low as a few cents or pence. Far less than the cost of posting a paper card, let alone designing and printing it! This is because modern ecards can be completed and sent the same day whereas paper cards take weeks of staff time to organise and because of the raw materials and physical delivery required for a paper card, whereas with business holiday ecards, it’s all electronic.

Less Time and effort – Time is usually at a premium around Christmas, so wouldn’t you prefer to spend a day or so organising corporate holiday ecards from your business rather than months on a paper greetings card? A paper card project needs to be started in Sept/Oct because you need to get a design made and print quotes in. The printing deadline is around the end of October and then you’ll have a wait several weeks to get your printed stock. Then you have to unpack, distribute round the business, get them signed, print the labels and make sure the right cards go into the right envelope and finally posting them in December before the deadline – Good luck with all that!

More Eco Friendly – No modern business can afford to pass up such an easy opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint. Ecards generate only 4g of CO2 whereas a paper card can generate up to 200g! This makes the carbon footprint generated by a typical greetings card approximately 50 times more than from an ecard. All that carbon comes from creating card from trees, shipping it to the printer, printing it and the envelope and then the travelling the miles to transport and deliver it.  There is a better way. What are you waiting for? Get designing your corporate holiday ecards right away.


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