“Opportunities don't happen you create them”. Wise words indeed from Chris Grosser. Who is Chris Grosser? He is a CEO and world famous photographer whose inspirational quotes have a massive online following. The premise behind his thinking is simple; do not sit waiting for opportunities to fall into your lap, you have to make them land there. This is along the same train of thought as that other famous quote “Great things come to those who wait, greater things come to those who go out and get them”. In short, get off your butt and make things happen in your life rather than sitting waiting for what will probably never materialise. Getting that message across to somebody who is frustratingly wasting their talents by being a sheep instead of a shepherd can be difficult enough when it's someone you are close to, but in the workplace it can be a veritable minefield. Send them these simple yet effective corporate ecards to get that message across. Are you interested in sending out ecards for your business this coming Christmas holiday season? If so we would love you to spend a little time looking at our Christmas ecards for business.